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Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best solution for patients who do not possess one or more teeth. The insertion of a titanium screw within the maxillary or mandibular bone provides the basis for the creation of a new tooth. The length and diameter of the implant depends on the amount of bone and the size of the oral cavity.
The impant abutment is a component made ​​of ceramic or titanium, which creates a strong bond between the implant and the crown and is placed over the installation. Once the implant and ithe abutment are properly positioned, a crown, bridge or denture are attached to it. Our studio employs the widely recognised system Astra Tech.

Why choose dental implants?

Dental implants have a number of advantages that make this kind of treatment the optimal solution in cases of partial or total edentulism. We highlight the following advantages:
  • dental implants mimic natural teeth both on a functional and aesthetical level
  • placed in the jawbone, implants stimulate the gum and bone tissue, granting natural results
  • implants are not removable and present extreme steadiness
  • implants grant permanent results lasting your whole life

Dental studio Dental Olujic employs the following implant systems:

Astra Tech

ASTRA TECH Implant System, integrates aesthetics into the implant system design. These implants present special features to support the natural healing process instead of interfering with it. That is why ASTRA TECH Implant System is a great solution for optimal results that last in time, granting a fast recovery and healthy bone and gums.

A successful implant system cannot be determined by one single feature alone. Just as with nature, there must be several interdependent features working together. In this view, Astra Tech implants stimulate early bone healing and speeds up the bone healing process; the neck of the implants work to distribute load evenly and reduce stress values; the conical connection below the marginal bone level transfers the load deeper down in the bone for a stable fit; finally, the contour that connects the abutmnet to the implant sealing has the property to protect the marginal bone.

Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare offers an impressive assortment of bone-level and tissue-level dental implants that can be applied in diverse cases satisfying different ranges of requirements in terms of bone types and surgical protocols, enhancing every user experience level and selected treatment concept.

Nobel Biocare implants offer all the benefits that a patient seeks for when opting for dental implants as a permanent solution. Among other, these implants present extreme stability even in compromised bone cases, aesthetic perfection, advanced osteointegration, adjustable implasnt orientation and life lasting results.

Alpha Bio

Alpha-Bio Tec is among worldwide leaders in developing, manufacturing and marketing implants, as well as a wide range of dental surgical instrumentation. Alpha-Bio Tec's mission is to make implantology simple, while manufacturing the highest quality products to provide customers with the best service possible.

Alpha Bio dental implants present innovative technology such as the NanoTec implant surface that help the process of integration between the inserted implant and the human body. Clinical data shows that Alpha-Bio Tec's implants have a success rate of 98.3% and a 99.6% clinical success rate when using the immediate loading procedure.


Over the years OSSTEM has designed implant systems that grant the highest standard of quality for all aesthetic results.

OSSTEM uses 3 impnat systems; MS implant system employed for provisional solutions and dentures; TS implant system that offers extreme stability; UltraWide implants for intial stability at the level of the extraction socket.

We practice implant dentistry with the highest quality materials and at unbeatable prices. For any further information regarding our treatments and services, refer to our contact page and drop us an email.
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