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How to maintain your dental health intact during holidays and food feasts
Even though we are sure you know the rules to maintain your teeth healthy and strong, it might take a bit of extra effort to protect your dental heath during holiday season. With all the delicious food which include cakes, sweets and what not at the table, you are putting at risk your teeth as all these sugars attract bacteria and bacteria causes plaque and caries. We are not saying you should keep your hands off of anything containing sugar but there are a few tips we have in store for you that will help you maintain your teeth healthy and strong throughout Easter.

Not all sweets are that harmful: recently, scientists have come to the conclusion that dark chocolate is super healthy for your teeth; this kind of chocolate contains precious substances that fight caries. If you have the chance, nobble on dark chocolate rather than any other type of sweets and you will do a huge favour to your teeth.

Avoid eating in between meals: the more frequent you chew on something throughout the day, and the more you are at risk of dent infections. By avoiding treats and snacks in between meals you will lower the time sugar stays on your teeth during the day. Furthermore,during regular meals you produce more saliva and saliva is essential to fight acids in your mouth and protect your teeth enamel.

After you're finished with your meal drink plenty of water as this stimulates the production of saliva and helps you remove food residues.

Always, and we mean it when we say always, brush your teeth after each and every meal. Remember though to wait at least 20 minutes before using your toothbrush in order to wait for the saliva to neutralise the acids in your mouth right after you ate.

We understand that sometimes you might be in a hurry and simply don't have time to wash your teeth and floss. It has been proven that chewing on a xilitol gum lowers the risk of caries for at least 30%; get yourself a pack right now!

Finally, there are some super foods that are considered natural teeth whitening tools and help you keep your teeth healthy; these include cheese, broccoli, carrots, strawberries, oranges and lemons, nuts and apples. When you feel like having a treat, choose these healthy alternatives and you will be doing a huge favour to your pearlies!