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Wisdom teeth represent one of the most common dental problems among many of us. In fact, most of us either suffer from pain during the eruption of these, or have to have them removed at some point to prevent oral complications. But let's take it from the start. There are a few lucky ones, if lucky, who are actually born without wisdom teeth. Others don't experience any kind of issue and have room for these to grow freely. Most of us see our wisdom teeth exctracted either because there is no room within your dental arcade or because of further complications such as infections or inflammations. In case of inflammations, what happens is that the tooth stays trapped under the gum. In the tiny space between the tooth and the gum, bits of food can get trapped, attracting bacteria which cause inflammations and pain. Once that happens, we are usually advised to sit for a tooth extraction.

There can be numerous other cases which lead to complications and the necessity of removing your wisdom teeth.These include:
  • the case of impacted teeth: trapped by bone or gum
  • teeth crowding caused by lack of space
  • caries on your wisdom teeth
  • damages to conjoining teeth
  • presence of cysts

To prevent any kind of complication potentially caused by wisdom teeth, regular dental visits are a must. If you feel that your wisdom teeth have started to grow, the dentist will make sure to closely monitor its growth to prevent any damages to other teeth and cure all inflammations in a timely way.

Please note that sometimes not all wisdom teeth have to be removed and there might be a solution to treat inflammation without having to see your tooth extracted. It's up to the dentist to consider all possibilities before going for a tooth removal.

If you are experiencing pain and you think your wisdom teeth are erupting, don't wait. It's always better to consult a professional at an early stage than when it's too late and an extraction is the only way to go.