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Imagine a world without the dentist’s drill
If there is one thing that makes people fear the dentist and dental treatments in general, that must be the drill. Just the sound of it while you wait for your turn to have your teeth checked out probably makes your hands sweat. And the moment you/re sitting on the chair and your dentist is about to start removing damaged teeth tissue with the drill? You probably still dread the feeling. Well of all this might soon become obsolete as scientists announce they have found a way to make a tooth repair itself when affected by a cavity.

Up until now the drill has been used to remove the decaying tissue from a tooth; once the tissue is removed, the dentist proceeds to applying a special material (filling) such as composite resin. Apparently this will be a thing of the past in less than 3 years. King’s College’s team have come up with the Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation technique that enhances the remineralisation of tooth moving calcium and phosphate in it. The process consists in using electrical current to push the minerals where there is damaged tissue.

This technique would grant no pain and a perfectly repaired tooth at the same price of a filling. Moreover, the treatment could also be used to whiten teeth. Currently, this research is being explored and commercialised by a company based in Perth, Australia.

According to the latest data, about 25% of people in the US is afraid to go to to the dentist. Avoiding dental treatment when suffering from cavities can lead to more serious dental problems and eventually result in teeth loss. With novel treatments such as this one we may be able to finally treat teeth in a less invasive and more patient-friendly way. Stay tuned for more updates on the most-innovative dental treatments around!