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Here are the do’s and dont’s to maintain your teeth white and above all, healthy!

Here are the do’s and dont’s to maintain your teeth white and above all, healthy!
How many of you would like to have whiter and shinier teeth? We bet most of the people aspire to have a brighter smile. This leads to trying DIY recipes that guarantee teeth-whitening results, as well as the purchase of products that promise miracles when it comes down to teeth bleaching. However, often these products which you can find at your local drugstore or the recipes to be found online can cause severe damages to your teeth’s enamel. That is because abrasive substances are often contained in the above mentioned products and these literally scrap your enamel off. We always advise to ask for professional help before trying any product on your teeth as only a dentist will be able to tell you if the product is safe to use. Otherwise, you can always undergo professional teeth whitening at your dental studio; even if professional treatment may be more expensive than buying a teeth bleaching product, in the long run it will save you all the necessary money to limit the damages caused by home bleaching.

There are also a few do’s and dont’s that can help you maintain your teeth bright and prevent teeth staining over time. These include the following.


Always remember to change your toothbrush every 3 months. Otherwise you will help to spread the bacteria with a toothbrush that is already worn out.
Use a tongue cleaning dental aid. By keeping your tongue clean you will prevent bacteria from spreading and limit the risk of caries and other dental infections.
Eating certain types of fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, bananas, broccoli, apples, celery, carrots and nuts will help you to maintain your teeth clean and stain free due to their cleaning and lightly abrasive properties.
When you eat citrus fruits or foods high in acidity, rinse your mouth with water afterwards to neutralise the acids and prevent enamel erosion.


In DIY dental recipes, avoid baking soda as it may damage your teeth enamel.
Limit the intake of foods and beverages that contain dark pigmentation as these stain your teeth.
Avoid fizzy drinks as these contain high concentration of sugars and erode severely teeth.
Don't eat sweets and snacks multiple times a day. If you feel like having a salty snack or a cookie, have it once a day to limit the contact between sugars and teeth.

These are just some basic tips which can help you maintain your teeth infection and stain free. Remember that regular dental checks are also a must to make sure you don’t have cavities or any other dental illness which may lead to further complications.