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Ginigivitis is a type of inflammation which affects dental gums and is the first step towards gum diseases as well as the easiest to cure. Gingivitis is mainly caused by plaque, an accumulation of bacteria present on both your teeth surface and gums. The plaque usually does not produce any harm when a person follows the rules of every day dental hygiene. However, if we don't brush our teeth on a daily basis and skip dental floss, the plaque instead of being removed causes toxins that affect our oral health and lead to gingivitis. In this early stage of inflammation all damages can be easily reversed as the bacteria have not yet affected the bone or connective tissues that hold your teeth. But keep in mind that if you don't do nothing about it, in time the inflammation will affect a wider area surrounding your teeth, leading to permanent damages and complications difficult to treat.

As for the typical symptoms of gingivitis, expect your gums to:
  • appear red
  • be swollen
  • be tender at touch
  • occasionally bleed, especially when using a tooth brush
  • appearance of "pocket" between tooth and gum
  • bad breath

There are also particular risk factors that increase the chances you will contract gingivitis at some point and these factors include smoking, diabetes, certain medications, viral or fungal infections, hormonal changes during pregnancy, a bad diet, dental restorations gone wrong. These are some of the principal risk factors you should be aware of when having the impression that something's wrong with your gums.

Now the best cure against gingivitis and gum disease is prevention. By following the basic rules of dental hygiene such as brushing your teeth after every meal, flossing your teeth and going for regular check ups to your dentist, you will prevent more than just one dental concern during your life time. Also, your dentist will probably recommend for you to sit for a professional teeth cleaning to remove plaque from your teeth at least once or twice a year.